All Rhymes, No Reason

The ramblings a late-night fool. ;)

Illusions of Heart?

To be our  truth or to not be?

Lesson Learned...

Not always about just ourself

We Live, We Learn

Sometimes before, sometimes during, often only after the fall

the Many Adventures of Me

Excitement always on the horizon

Rising Breath

Waves that release, never cease

Rambling On and On

Continuous I am, as the waves

Coming Together?

Pieces don't always fall at once

Early Evening Adventures

Should have planned better here...


We have remained silent for too long.

Beauty Speaks even in the darkness

Keep on, Keepin On it is said...

Diving Again

Into the deepeness, I go, again.

Need an Answer? Pray.

The right step is only found after.


Endure the path, Endure the good, the bad, the softness , and the pain.

Walking Contadictions

all we are and all we ever will be in this reality until we continue to reach.

Who We Are

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