Dec 2021

Who Am I? 

Well, first off I AM just a person like you. If I was speaking like many do here in this so-called reality I would feel comfort in labeling myself and reading off a list of my accomplishments but no, that is not who I Am. 

I Am just a girl, I always say but this goes far deeper for me. 

I grew up never ever truly fitting in mostly by my own choice as I just felt very different than everyone else. 

I seen the world differently and my teachers would always say that I was wiser beyond my years and I felt most of this stemmed from my poetic senses and ability. 

I Am a deep thinker and a feeler who knows no bounds. I have had to create boundaries within myself to contain my own overflow and learnt to wallow within the pools of thoughts for many years but one day those gates I had built so securely broke open and upon me an ocean arose and I had to find new ways to navigate this sea that turns out, is me. 

I Am honestly nobody to most when it comes to importance or celebrity type status here and honestly this is how I prefer it. 

I Am just a vessel to a voice that has continuously called out to me for all of my life and still figuring out why. I kept trying to bury and ignore the pleas and have found again that I cannot anymore. 

I Am a voice that screams out beauty and asks you to splatter that which is your own in response. I only ask that you learn to see the deepest part of your selves and set them free to speak, to dance, and to be.  

I Am here to again try to spark a wave that may in turn ignite a flame to brighten the coldest and darkest alleyways one may find themself, I suppose. 

All in all, I Am just here doing what I enjoy when I FEEL compelled to do-so and maybe a few or many of you will come right along and allow the best that is within this world to Breathe Life again through you and across this universe. 

But if you need more physical details, if this is what you prefer; I Am a 41 year old mother to 2 teens. I Am a survivor going on 20 years  from what was a traumatic brain injury which actually was key to saving me. Well, killed me first and then awakened me again is more like it. 

I Am a writer in my own way, in my own lane, and I Am a vessel to the light, to love.  





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