Drenched In Love

Washed In His Blood, just as Washed In Love.


Backwards Post

A little from before, a little now. 

Coming Together

All the pieces are starting to form back together. 
Just have to Open Eyes to see it.

Moment of Pain

Just a quick process for me to rid this

Ice Dance

Be Inspired

Inspired Beats



Night Drive

Wheels a rollin', tunes a playin, therapeutic incubator.

The tricks he plays

Call for discernment.


Righteousness Calls

His Righteousness, that IS.

This and the Next Moment

Each moment a choice to accept or deny

Symphony had always been here

We just have to CHOOSE to see it

Seek and Find

What are you to find if you first do not look?

To Gaze

Upon what is wanted through Him. Do not feed the fear.

Keep On Pouring

To find Your Strength is In Finding Him.

Give Back

You Seek, You Find, You Give, You Receive

Just In Time

Each step perfectly aligned.

Words Of? You Decide.

Bring the Light out of this,

Pouring Light

Take Your Bucket and Start pouring


Joyful Holidays often bring to surface grief.


Falling In

Take the Dive, the Ocean awaits.